"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

Who We Are and Why We Do It

Naturally, we are all dog-lovers, and we also enjoy seeing our pet owners feel good about taking care of their four-legged family members. The services we provide go far beyond just taking care of your animals. It involves developing a meaningful purpose-filled relationship with each and every one of you.

It’s so great to be able to educate pet owners and share the knowledge we have, in order for you to make better decisions for your pets on a daily basis. We truly want your pets to be healthier and live longer happier lives.

We believe our customers’ dogs are family members. No, not in a ridiculous way, but in a humane way - we view each pup as deserving of respect and loving care. At Grrreendog our goal is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners, Each one of our dogs wants, and needs, us to be their ‘hero’. We learn to speak their language. We spend time in their energy. And what we get one-hundred-fold is their love. Dogs are full of unconditional love. And it is our duty to give that back.

Sundance Lev

Owner & Operator

Sundance Lev Owner and Operator of Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Daycare

After studying Dog Grooming at the Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming in 2008, a dream formed in my mind to establish an alternative grooming salon experience, one where the culture would incorporate calm, quiet, respectful treatment of the dogs with a “green”, non-toxic environment. Grrreendog Grooming and Spa was founded in 2010 with the promise to be: "Gentle with your dog, gentle on our planet".  (She/Her/He/Him)
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Angela M

Assistant Groomer

Hi, I'm Angela! I grew up in Troy, NY and I have a daughter in middle school. I studied Animal Law and Criminal Justice at HVCC, Animals and their welfare has always been important to me.
The stars have finally aligned, and I've been given the opportunity to further my career with animals, and I could not be happier. At Grrreendog, I feel right at home, knowing every pet in my hands gets the best care and affection as if they are my own. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of animal pet care and applying the best health practices for all of the dogs in my care. (She/Her)

Mitchell J

Daycare Lead

Hello! My name is Mitchell, I am 23 years old, and I have a degree in Musical Theatre from Russell Sage College. I love working at Grrreendog where I get to better the life of dogs everyday. Whether I’m bathing the dogs or playing with them in daycare,  I am always excited to make new canine friends. I have my own little girl named Momo, She’s a Chihuahua-mix, and if you bring your little one to our daycare you might be lucky enough to meet her! (They/Them)

Noel B


My name is Noel , and I have two main passions for my life: dogs and the drums. I grew up here in upstate NY, spending my childhood in a small farm area surrounded by animals, having them rest at my feet and around me while I would practice percussion (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t skip multiple practice sessions to play with my dogs instead). I’ve been very fortunate to regularly perform music nationally & internationally, but when I am not tied to any musical obligations, my passionate drive brings me to care for dogs. Specifically here at Grrreendog, my goal is to help uplift and care for every dog that comes as if they were my own.  (They/Them)


Facility Tech/Bather

Hi, I'm Bill! I have always liked being around animals, and before my studies, at CEP I had volunteered at a local horse stable. Now, I help maintain the Grrreendog Grooming salon and sometimes assist as a Bather. I keep learning more every day about working with our dogs. (He/Him)

Nicholas K

Bathing Tech

Hi my name is Nicholas, I’m 16 years old and in the 11th grade at Guilderland HS. I have two dogs at home and I’ve had many pets. I love taking care of of them.

I like working at Grrreendog because it’s a fun, easy,  and stress-free job. Low stress works out well for the dogs, too. I get to be around and work with all kinds of dogs. Its a good job for me because I love animals, and they love me.  (He/Him)

Connor L

Bathing/Daycare Tech

Hi, my name is Connor and I love working here. I love the staff and  environment, and I especially love the dogs which I bath and engage with everyday.

The dogs that I love the most are Labs and Retrievers, probably because I have a Golden Retriever/ Lab mix.

My dog is one of the best things to come into my life. If it wasn’t for him,  I most likely would not be as interested or love the job that I do at Grrreendog.  (He/Him)

Skylar A

Bather Tech

I’m Skylar, and I am a recent graduate from SUNY Albany with two degrees in Political Science and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies. I aspire to be a Lawyer one day!

My favorite dog is a Pitbull or a Doberman. I love working at Grrreendog because I absolutely adore dogs and I look forward to my shifts every weekend!  (She/Her)

Lapis Lazuli

Canine Consultant

My name is Lapis, I am one-year old and the Granddog of Sundance the Owner. I am very proud of my Grandma and all that she’s accomplished. I come to work at Grrreendog almost everyday I manage to get underfoot, jump over the gates, play with any human and dog that wants to play, and emptying the trash. I excel at staring longingly at the great selection of dog treats that are sold here... sometimes it works in my favor.  As My doggy tag says, “I do what I WANT TO DO!” Savta Sundance  agrees.

"They are so great to the dogs here. I’m super protective of my tiny little Maltese...

She’s very petite and mostly scared to death of large dogs...She isn’t scared to go and even better is that she’s not scared when she leaves, and doesn’t mind coming. That’s how I know they treat the dogs well. They take great care with your pups. Well worth the cost. In a day and age where it’s probably near impossible to hire and find staff that care, the owner has found great people to add to her business. I will keep bringing Lily here."

~ Angela N