"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

We use our Strategic Vision as a guide for who we serve best, how we serve them best, and why it is truly worthwhile to be a member of the Grrreendog community.

Walking into Grrreendog is stepping into a place where the energy exudes calm and gentleness, and relays a sense of peace of mind. When we say “calm, gentle and peace of mind” that means something very specific: Calm means there is no chaos, the humans are in control of themselves and the environment; Gentle is our attitude. We walk gently on this Earth and are compassionate people; Peace of mind means those we serve have the ability to relax – to really, relax, when their dogs are in our care!

Outstanding service can sound like a marketing term but at our facility we really mean it. It’s our job to deliver consistently and professionally

Our goal is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners in all situations. Dogs are full of unconditional love. And it’s our duty to give some of that back. And that’s why we do it.

This is our story and this is our Strategic Vision!