"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

a la Carte Packages

It’s important to start early with teeth brushing for a happier, healthier dog. Did you know, shorter nails make walking easier, less painful, and add to the overall health of your pup?  A La Carte Packages make it easy to pamper your pup between their scheduled Groom or Bath.

“Just Teeth!” -Teeth Brushing is recommended to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and breath. We use bio-enzymatic canine toothpaste. $8

“Just Nails!” -We will clip and grind nails to a smooth edge, which ever your pup tolerates more. $16

“Nose-to-Toes” – includes teeth brushing, ears cleaned, and we will clip or grind nails. $25

Skin Care Spa Packages

(may only be added to Groom or Bath or Spa services)

When your dog “smells like bread”, “itches like crazy”, is “flaky", chews his feet, has “hot spots”, or has a dried nose, these are some indications that their skin is out-of-balance. And skin is the largest organ of their body.

Skin care is essential to maintaining good health, fur that is strong and protective, and feet pads that are not split and cracked. Healthy skin means a healthier, happier dog.   Add a Skin Care Spa Package to their Groom or Bath, because you love them!

“Blueberry and Sugar” Facial

Pamper your pup with a facial massage using blueberry anti-oxidant-packed shampoo, or natural sugar scrub to help lessen eye stains. $8

“Mud Bath”

Using mineral-enriched mud from the Dead Sea, to gently draw out toxins. We will massage and wrap your pup in warm towels, followed by a shampoo and rehydrating conditioner. Adds $16 sm/$22 med/$30 lg dog

“Luxury Skin Care”

Deep-cleansing Dead Sea mud, essential oils, shampoo and rehydrating conditioner formulated specifically for your dog’s dry, itchy, stinky, allergy-prone skin. Adds $22sm/$30 med/$38 lg dog

“Facial and Pawdicure”

Includes a Facial, Pawdicure , pad massage and rehydration, and nose-butter for those cracked and dry noses. Adds $18

“Tough Odors”-

When even the shampoo does not remove the strong soaked-in odors from the dog’s coat, using Essential oils can help. Adds $5.00
Mud Baths
“Blueberry and Sugar” Facial

What Our Clients Have To Say

"...(who can get nervous) and always make him feel comfortable. He comes home happy and looking and smelling great. Plus, I feel good about the products they use, especially since my puppy has sensitive skin. If you are in need of a groomer, go here!”
~ Marla V.