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    Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Daycare is more than a locally-owned grooming salon, it is a philosophy. The Grrreendog philosophy is to be gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet!

    I believe being “green” is not only healthier for us humans, but it is also safer and healthier for our pets. When I established Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Dog Daycare I had three goals in mind:

    Calm means there is no chaos, the humans are in control of themselves, the environment
    and your dog:
    Gentle is our attitude. Everyone who works with me walks gently on this Earth, and are compassionate and gentle people;
    Peace of Mind means you can relax knowing that your dog is in the best hands, getting the best treatment, and having a blast!

    Grrreendog Pack Membership Now Available

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    Price-freeze on the current cost of your dog's Groom or Bath for your one-year membership. (fetch this quickly, please!)

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    10 % off any treat or toy purchase.


    Free Nice-Teeth brushing with every appointment.

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    Free admission to special programs

    You & Your Dog will also enjoy:

    Since we can't slobber you with sloppy kisses, or bring you our favorite socks, we will add the following:

    • a monthly "sWAG BAG".
    • "Tea with Biscuits" meet-ups with staff and pet-professionals.

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    The Grrreendog Pack ( after all, don't you call your 6 yr. old chow, a puppy?) Membership

    Monthly Membership is $174 only $14.50/month, or $149 one-time payment (savings of $25)


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    Warm water, tearless shampoo, botanical-based products

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    Additional Services

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    Calm, Gentle, Peace of Mind for You and Your Dog.

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    Dog Daycare

    We are dedicated to be your Dog’s teachers, not babysitters.

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