"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

The services we provide go far beyond taking care of your dogs. It involves developing a helpful relationship with each and every one of you, because we also want your pets to be healthier and live longer happier lives.

We strive to be exceptional and our services are of the highest quality. All of us are focused on the needs of your dog, and we will never push beyond your dog’s tolerance. We believe in kindness before vanity.

Calming Essential Oils are complimentary during all baths and grooming! For thousands of years people have relied on essential oils to infuse their lives with benefits, and we believe our pets should, too.

The products we use are made in the USA or imported from spa aficionados in Italy, are Paraben and SLS –free, and are not tested on animals.

Grrreendog Services Grooming Albany,NY


Focused on the needs of your dog, our groomers will never push…

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Bathing Services at Grrreendog Salon and Day Camp in Albany, NY


Warm water, tearless shampoo, botanical-based products

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Pamper your dog at Grrreendog Grooming and Salon in Albany NY


The products we use are made in the USA or imported from…

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Additional services even the smallest need to have at Grrreendog Grooming Spa and Daycare

Additional Services

Specialized Additional Services are sometimes necessary for your lovable pup.

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Dog Daycare

We are dedicated to be your Dog’s teachers, not babysitters.

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Calm, Gentle, Peace of Mind for You and Your Dog.

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