"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

Whether they’re a senior, a grump, three-legged, or some other special consideration that requires more attention and time, specialized Additional Services are sometimes necessary for your lovable pup. These fees are in addition to their Groom, or Bath and Brush.

"Smoothie" & "De-Matting"

Smoothie & De-Matting

Required for tightly matted fur that is painful for your dog. It takes patience, skill, and kindness to remove it from the skin. This will re-set the coat for healthier skin and future coat growth.


De Skunk

sometimes a bath is necessary

First, DON’T WASH YOUR DOG! Then, call us. We sell the greatest (safest) product available, used on a dry coat. Pick it up to use at home as a preventive, or have us do it for you.

“Fleas and Tick Alternative”

Fleas and Tick Alternative

A gentle, organic flea and tick shampoo bath, and re-hydration. **If your dog arrives with live fleas or ticks, we are required to add this service to protect your and other’s dogs attending Grrreendog.

“Special, and Senior” Needs

Even the little ones need loving hands, we care at Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Dog Daycare

Special, and Senior” Needs

Sometimes your dog requires more privacy or additional staff time due to their age, mobility issues, or behavioral needs. This time will need to be added to the Groom, or Bath & Brush fee.



Shedding is the natural process of hair replacement. Constant shedding might indicate something else. Let us help remove the dead hair to assist you with peace-of-mind. (Price determined by size and coat condition)