"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

About 20 years ago, the idea of doggy daycare entered the pet scene. It consisted of having a place to drop off our dog, perhaps on the way to work or just for the day, and was a safe place for our dogs to “play for the day”. Knowing your dog would come home “exhausted “  sounded pretty good, too.

That was then…..

Now, we understand much more about your dog’s need for play and exercise! Dogcare professionals realize that complete exhaustion should not be the goal. We now understand that enriching, supporting, socializing and confidence-building is just as important as exercise. At Grrreendog Daycare we are dedicated to becoming your dog’s teacher, not a hall monitor.

The program we have incorporated can be considered as Daycare 2.0! It is advanced, enrichment based, a fully programmed, and creatively structured approach similar to a small daycare for children. Some say it‘s like a “Montessori” school for dogs.

Grrreendog includes time for her to play and socialize in smaller groups, time for him to learn and have more individualized attention. We prefer less time for chaotic playgroups and avoid over-arousal. Not only does she get physical exercise, but she also gets a brain workout!

We work with puppies in a specialized puppy-group, we allow seniors to move at their own speed, and we are always introducing new activities and games for the fun-at-heart. And yes, your dog is tired when he gets home. More importantly, and for your peace of mind, we provide your dog with a calm and gentle environment.

Registration and space is limited for this program. Feel free to inquire! We encourage you to schedule a visit and see for yourself.

How to Become a Member of Our Dog Daycare

Complete and submit your online application, schedule the required Temperament Assessment, choose your Grrreendog Pack membership plan​, and reserve your monthly days!​

The Play-Pack

The Grrreendog Pack membership is available @ $174 (12 monthly payments of $14.50), or a one-time $149 Annual Payment.

Choose your Plan!

Daycare Services
  • 4 Days / Week- $640/mo
  • 3 Days / Week- $528/mo
  • 2 Days / Week-​ $369/mo
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Hugs, individual time, training, monthly SWAG bags, a personalized carry sack, and snacks are all included at no extra charge!

Grooming, Spa services and Beautifying Baths are available in our salon!

"Leo just loves it at Grrreendog.

It is the only place he didn't feel nervous to get his nails cut. His dad said Leo liked the ride up and down on an elevator... (actually, it's a lift-table). Leo will definitely go back again.."

~Donna N.