"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

The Salon

Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Daycare is more than a locally-owned grooming salon, it is a philosophy. My dream is to have a dog care facility that is consistently and dependently gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet!

Walking into Grrreendog is like stepping into a place where the energy exudes calm and gentleness so you can have peace of mind while your dog spends time with us.

  Calm means there is no chaos, the humans are in control of themselves, the environment and your dog:

Gentle is our attitude. Everyone who works with me walks gently on this Earth, and are compassionate and gentle people;

Peace of Mind means you can relax knowing that your dog is in the best hands, getting the best treatment, and having a blast!

Your dog will never be forced beyond his toleration during grooming, brushing, combing his coat, bathing, noise exposure, or nail and ear care.

Individualized attention to the needs of your dog is a priority. During her entire visit, she will be in loving hands, and will not sit in a cage waiting for attention. Your beloved pet will not be left unattended!.

I insist that we use the highest quality products proven safe for dogs and the environment. My concerns for the well being of your pup, the groomers and support staff, and our planet are unsurpassed. And, all of the products used are hypo-allergenic, botanical, herb and essential-oil based, and of course are cruelty-free.

Outstanding service can sound like a marketing term but at Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Daycare I really mean it!

~Sundance Lev


Dog Daycare

About 20 years ago, the idea of doggy daycare entered the pet scene. It was a safe place for our dogs to “play for the day”, and knowing your dog would come home “exhausted“, sounded pretty good, too.

That was then…..

Now, we understand much more about your dog’s need for play and exercise! Exhaustion should not be the goal, rather, enrichment, support, socializing and confidence-building is just as important as exercise. At Grrreendog Daycare are we are dedicated to becoming your dog’s teacher, not just their hall monitor.

Dog daycare at Grrreendog Grooming Spa and DaycareWe work with puppies in a specialized puppy-group, allow seniors to move at their own speed, and are always introducing new activities and games for the fun-at-heart. And yes, your dog is tired when they get home.

Membership and space is limited for this program. Feel free to inquire! We encourage you to schedule a visit and see for yourself.

"Everyone at Grrreendog is friendly and highly skilled at grooming dogs.

I have 2 Doodles who are not easy to groom. They have lots of hair and one has lots of kinky curls. It doesn’t matter to the groomers, the pups always look great. And I love that they only use green products. Travis and Zeke have sensitive skin and they tolerate these products really well. In addition, they feel so soft and cuddly. You can’t go wrong at Grrreendog Grooming and Spa."
~ Sharon B