"gentle with your dog and gentle on our planet"

Why is a low-stress environment important?

When you walk through the door you will notice the calm and quiet atmosphere. The music is gentle, the birds are chirping. Stress can cause fear, digestive upset, aggression and other behavioral problems (for your dog and for the groomer!). Other grooming shops are large and fast-paced, packed with numerous stress-burdened dogs, rife with loud noises. Why expose your puppy to this on a regular basis? At Grrreendog your dog is not put in a cage, sitting for hours, waiting for attention. Grrreendog Grooming, Spa and Daycare gives you a healthier alternative.

May I leave my dog longer if I am running errands?

We prefer that you pick up your dog as soon as they’re ready. it is best to schedule an appointment during a time when you can drop your dog off for her appointment and then pick her up as soon as she is ready to go home. Since we do not cage dogs, we are limited on space. We do grant a leeway of 30 minutes and after that time you will incur a daycare fee.

How are your services “specialized”?

Services are catered to your dogs’ needs. For example, if your beloved pet is scared of loud noises and the dryer, then she will be towel dried. If your pup is afraid of water on her face, she will be gently washed with a washcloth and wrapped in a warm towel. If your dog is elderly we will offer him additional body support. Since this does take us more time, there is sometimes an additional Special Service fee.

What types of products are used in the salon?

The products chosen will help you keep your puppy healthier by not adding additional chemicals to their daily ‘menu’. Our dogs are exposed and accosted by higher levels of toxins on a regular basis; lawn fertilizers, snow melting chemicals, detergents, carpet cleaners and more, all take their toll on your dogs’ immune system. Dogs and puppies spend significant time licking their feet and ingesting these toxic products. Research is showing the unfortunate relationship between lawn chemicals and cancers, skin allergies and digestive issues in dogs. You may have noticed more dogs and puppies with skin allergies and digestive sensitivities. Why expose your best friend to toxic chemicals when it isn’t necessary. At Grrreendog Grooming, Spa, and Daycare all of the products used are simply the best herbal, botanical, and essential oil formulas safe for your dog. Additionally, the cleaning products we use add to the safety and protection of your dog.

What additional spa services are available?

The exclusive spa services available for your pampered pet include a Dead Sea mud bath, pH balancing skin conditioner, minerals, sugar, and essential oil application. Teeth Brushing, “Pad”icure for Healthy Paws, Organic Flea shampoo, calming aromatherapies, and more. We are always expanding our knowledge and learning about new ideas and techniques that are available, so please feel At Grrreendog Grooming, Spa, and Daycare all of the products used are simply the best herbal, botanical, and essential oil formulas safe for your dog. Additionally, the cleaning products used add to the safety and protection of your dog.

What if my poor dog has fleas or ticks?

We will remove any fleas or ticks we find on your dog during the bathing process, and we will let you know. As one of our customers, we know you want to feel confident that your dog will not go home with any pests as a result of your visit to our facility. Therefore, we must treat your dog for fleas/ticks if they are numerous, live and running. Naturally, there will be an additional charge for this service.

What if my dog has Hot Spots? What causes Hot Spots?

Hot Spots are skin infections known to veterinarians as pyotraumatic dermatitis. These surface skin infections caused when populations of normal skin bacteria grow and overwhelm your dogs’ natural resistance. You may recognize the circular patches, the hair loss that is red, may be swollen, draining, and can be painfully itchy, causing the dog to scratch, lick, or bite to the point of self-mutilation. Untreated hot spots can spread. At Grrreendog we have a variety of techniques available that assist in healing the skin and hair follicles in the affected areas. Our humans have reported tremendous success when we treat their dogs with our mud baths, specific minerals, oligo-elements, and pH balanced shampoos. Naturally, if we suspect that a ‘Hot Spot is looking infected we will always suggest that you see your veterinarian immediately. Please speak with us about your concerns. We will always inform you if we see or suspect the formation of a Hot Spot on your dog.

What if too much fur was taken off during the groom?

Sometimes your dog may need to be groomed shorter than you would have originally preferred. This could be due to matting that was very close to the skin, your dog not tolerating the brushing necessary to remove matted fur, or a skin condition revealed once your dog was bathed. If brushing and combing are too painful or stressful, the decision to clip the fur is the best for your dog and the least traumatic. The good news about a haircut that is shorter than you may have preferred, is that it will grow back.

Can I expect the same groomer each time?

Feel free to request the same groomer for each visit. The relationship between you, your dog and the groomer is one built on familiarity and most importantly, on trust. All of the groomers at Grrreendog will treat your dog gently, kindly, and respectfully. The health and comfort of your dog is our number one concern.

Why does my dog shake when we come?

It will take time for us to build our relationship with you and your dog. Many dogs come into this environment with trepidation. Remember, from their perspective the salon is filled with a million interesting and new smells and sounds! They can also sense your (sometimes mixed) emotions when they arrive. Our experience is that, once you depart, your dog bonds with us and calms down. However, we feel that no groom is worth pushing a dog to their traumatic limit, and should your pup be too frightened, we will call you and discuss the best plan.

Can I just have a walk-in appointment?

At Grrreendog our professional groomers and bathers work by appointment only. It is easier and safer for us to plan who will be in the salon and when. Just like humans, dogs have best friends and some dogs don’t play well with others. When we schedule appointments many needs are taken into consideration. Please call ahead to book your appointment.

Why Offer a Grrreendog Membership?

We've been digging everywhere for a year-'round way to appreciate our customers, like you. We are offering you an insider opportunity to become a Grrreendog Pack Member. When you belong to our Puppy-Pack you only gain benefits and "thank-you" perks. After all, deep down, your dog will always be your puppy.

What does the Grrreendog Puppy Pack Offer?

Grrreendog Puppy-Pack Membership Has great benefits for you and your puppy.
  • Price-freeze on the current cost of your dog's Groom or Bath for your one-year membership. (fetch this quickly, please!)
  • 10 % off any treat or toy purchase.
  • Nice-Teeth brushing with every appointment.
  • Admission to our special programs

And, since we can't slobber you with sloppy kisses, or bring you our favorite socks, we will add the following:

A monthly "sWAG BAG" and "Tea with Biscuits" meet-ups with staff and pet-professionals.

The Puppy-Pack Membership Annual Fee $174 only $14.50/month, or a $149 one-time payment (a savings of $25!)